Nonagen’s diagnostic technology is based on:


•   Non-invasive liquid biopsies using urine

•   Proprietary set of cancer biomarkers

•   Protein expression classifier


Robust non-invasive biopsies move the standard of care away from risky, more costly procedures to a simple voided urine sample.

Our work is based on a proprietary set of 10 cancer protein biomarkers characterized, in part, by expression patterns in human bladder cancer. The Company’s biomarkers were discovered as a result of ongoing research within the laboratories of Drs. Goodison and Rosser. Additionally, these biomarkers were validated through extensive research and collaborative agreements with numerous top-notch international research institutes.


These proteins regulate such diverse processes as cell proliferation, cell migration, and blood vessel formation. Many of these proteins have not been previously associated with bladder cancer. In addition to their potential value in developing diagnostic biomarkers, an understanding of the pattern of expression of these proteins may also enable the development of powerful new anti-cancer drugs to treat bladder and other cancers. 


Using a proprietary algorithm called a multivariate classifier (RISK CALCULATOR); the protein and clinical data are extensively analyzed. The RISK CALCULATOR associated with the multiplex protein Oncuria™ test is a live, online risk calculator designed to assist healthcare providers to obtain a bladder cancer risk score locally. An example of such a risk calculator is depicted below:  

The end result is a report on the probability of the patient harboring bladder cancer. 

The end result is a report on the probability of the patient harboring bladder cancer.