Nonagen’s pipeline diagnostics are being developed as Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analyses (MAAAs), which look at the proprietary differential expression of biomarkers (analytes) in specific types of cancer and use novel algorithms to score a patient’s probability of harboring cancer. The assays are being developed as rule in tests with a very high sensitivity and equally high negative predictive value.  We are focused on bladder cancer, which has an unmet clinical need for a non-invasive biomarker, which Nonagen believes will present significant commercial opportunities that both improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare spend.


The Company’s primary focus is on our bladder cancer confirmatory assay.  The assay will help identity, which patients with a suspicious of bladder cancer may benefit from a follow-up cystoscopic examination. This would result in reducing unnecessary cystoscopies that are risky and uncomfortable to the patient and costly for the healthcare system.


Additionally, Nonagen is developing several diagnostics tests to address unmet needs in breast and prostate cancers. Nonagen’s diagnostic tests are designed to complement the current standard-of-care and provide an additional tool for early detection, treatment monitoring and prognostication. Oncuria™ is Nonagen’s lead diagnostic, which is the first multiplexed protein-based urine test of its kind to provide early and accurate detection of bladder cancer. Nonagen’s proprietary Oncuria™  Technology allows for continued development in Nonagen’s robust pipeline, which can be applied to treatment monitoring and disease prognostication.